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Terms Of Use For Digi Stamps


All images on the Chameleon Art Products website are original artwork created especially for us and are protected by copyright. You will be granted a LIMITED PERSONAL LICENSE (not the copyright), for your PERSONAL USE, when you purchase any images from. You MUST NOT reproduce, resell or redistribute the images in any form. Please respect the licenses and rights of the artists we use, it will allow them to keep working and providing more images for you.

Permitted Uses

Our digital images may be used for cards, craft items and other art projects that you do yourself, by hand or digitally. You may sell your handmade items (NOT the digital images) online, in local shops, or at craft fairs, all we ask in return is that you include the following tag: Digital Image © Chameleon Art Products  on the back of every item (this can be printed, written or a label). Where the handmade items are being sold online, each item listing must also include the credit line in the item description. You may sell a maximum of 100 cards or other items per image that you buy from us.

Should you choose to upload your finished projects (we love to see what you are up to) to any galleries/blogs/websites please ensure that the tag: Digital Image © Chameleon Art Products is clearly shown with each photo.

Please also feel free to submit your projects for inclusion in printed media, as above please remember to include the tag: Digital Image © Chameleon Art Products on all submissions.


Our digital images are for your own personal use and you are NOT ALLOWED to redistribute them. Distribution includes but is not limited to: copying, duplicating, sharing via email, trading, swapping, lending, posting to the internet (unless a photo of a handmade project), renting or reselling.


  • To sell copies of our digital images as they were downloaded; they must be included into a finished project that you are selling;
  • To trade, share or redistribute our images in anyway (e.g. you cannot print an image and send it to a friend, a swap group or have an RAK or blog candy giveaway);
  • To reproduce our images in any other format (e.g. as a digital, rubber or clear stamp, as a sticker or other merchandise);
  • To alter, add to, or claim as your own any of our digital images (e.g. use as your icon, avatar, or banner image);
  • To use our digital images for classes unless you have been given consent by us PRIOR to use (this includes class materials, examples or other items that may be may be used in a class setting);
  • To email or otherwise distribute our digital files in any format (ZIP, PNG, JPG, PDF, etc.);
  • You are NOT ALLOWED to offer our digital images for download on other websites or as a part of a collection;
  • To use our images in the creation of any digital files, other than for your own personal use;
  • To use any of our digital images to create logos, business materials (e.g. business cards, postcards, letterhead etc.), trademarks, a layout for other websites or blogs, or other designs (e.g. embroidery, Zazzle or Cafe Press, etc.);

You are NOT acquiring the copyright. ALL COPYRIGHTS REMAIN the property of Chameleon Art Products and/or the Artist.


Due to the digital nature of digital stamps, there are no refunds on items delivered electronically. If you have a problem with your order or download, please contact

Back Up Policy

Due to the digital nature of digital images, it is the sole responsibility of you the customer to back up your purchases to a drive or disk in case of computer error/fail. On request we will provide, once per customer, an additional copy of your downloads. If the any downloads are no longer available then we will not be able to provide an additional copy.

More Info

Chameleon Art Products reserve the right to amend our policies and terms at any time. Future amendments are effective upon publication on the website. If we have missed any unforeseen circumstances, please check with us before starting.

Angel Policy

We are delighted for you to make and sell handmade or hand-colored cards using our digital images - PLEASE remember to adhere to our Terms of Use and don’t lend, re-sell, share, copy, or redistribute, etc. our images. Your completed projects can be submitted for publication - please remember to credit Chameleon Art Products ( in your materials list. The digital images MUST NOT be used in any form for commercial reproduction.

 If you have any questions about our Terms of Use or Angel Policy please email Please see our FAQs for more information as well.

 Thank you for supporting our Artists!